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Peer-reviewed publications

Chapman, L.A & Cilliers, F (2008). The Integrated Experiential Executive Coaching Model: a qualitative exploration. South African Journal of Labour Relations, 32 (1): PP 63-80

Published book and Chapters

Chapman, L.A (2010). Integrated Experiential Coaching. Becoming an Executive Coach. Karnac Books, London.

Chapman, L.A (2009). “Team coaching with the Integral-Experiential Coaching Model” in Dolony,H(Ed).

Team Coaching. Artists at Work. Penguin Books, Johannesburg. PP 99-113

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Chapman, L.A (2011). “A phenomenological Exploration of Executive Coaching as an Experiential Learning Process within the context of the Integrated Experiential Coaching Model” in O'Donovan, I and Megginson, D (Eds.). Developing mentoring & coaching research and practice. Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK: European Mentoring and Coaching Council. PP 171-182

Lane, D, Khan, M.S & Chapman, L.A (2019). “Adult learning as an approach to coaching” in Palmer, S & Whybrow, A (Eds.). Handbook of Coaching Psychology. A guide for practitioners. Routledge. Abingdon. PP 369-380.

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