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  • Complexity is increasing with greater globalisation

  • The demand to do more with less continues to grow, stress levels are steadily on the rise.

Despite this challenging environment, executives are expected to continuously perform at optimum levels. Every year they are expected to outperform the previous year by a larger margin.

Philos Performance helps you achieve peak executive performance  and the ability to manage complexity more effectively through optimising physiology and enhancing learning. We use the latest scientific research to create unique, individualised solutions to give you the edge in the current  turbulent environment.


Philos Performance is a leading performance consultancy which facilitates peak executive performance and  enhance the ability to manage complexity more effectively by creating the optimal physiological environment to enable learning.

Three important factors contribute to peak executive performance:

  1.  The ability to manage stress optimally

Stress, including both physical and psychological stress, impairs our ability to think and learn. To achieve maximum performance, we need to have optimal stress levels – not too much, not too little. Creating this ideal physiological environment leads to increased cognitive performance, increased resilience and increased ability to communicate in the face of adversity.

     2. The ability to learn effectively

Effective learning leads to integration of knowledge and change. It allows us to understand ourselves and others, and to adapt our behaviour. Effective learning and adaptation is a key to individual and team resilience, and to individual and team performance.

      3. The ability to manage complexity

Increased cognitive performance and enhanced learning are essential to enable us to manage complexity. Managing complexity means that we are able to think ahead into the future and integrate large amounts of varied information effectively. This allows us to make better decisions and leads to peak executive performance.

Home: Welcome
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